NFL Draft analyst predicts what could be a dream scenario for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears own two picks in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. One NFL draft analyst has predicted what would be a dream scenario for Ryan Poles and Bears fans.

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1.01 | Caleb Williams, QB - USC

As predicted by many, the Chicago Bears select Caleb Williams with the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft — at least in this mock draft. Most questions about the top prospect were answered at the NFL Combine last week.

He measured in at a little over 6'1" — a measurement I was very concerned about. In fact, it was my biggest fear about Williams. He handled the media, a large portion being from Chicago, without any red flags. He showed exactly who he is by staying late, thanking the people who helped put the combine together, and even supporting his former teammates. The only concern now is a lack of medicals — something the Bears were hoping to get early but now have to wait.

When you turn the tape on, both in 2022 and 2023, you see greatness in the making. I fell trap to the generational talent nonsense early last season too, but we shouldn't use that word lightly. Caleb Williams has his flaws. The way he holds the football while running is a big issue for one. It caused him to cough up the football far too many times. He also has a tendency to hold onto the ball too long — something he cannot do at the NFL level (see Justin Fields). This has to do with him trying to play hero ball too often (see Justin Fields again).

Now for what makes him great. Williams has elite off-script playmaking ability. He can throw the ball from all angles. He contorts his upper body to keep his lower body the way it needs to be to maintain proper mechanics. His footwork is good while operating within the pocket. He shows an ability to process and progress through reads better than most give him credit, but will need to take what the defense gives him more often. Caleb Williams has a quick release (something Fields struggles with) and can throw from all angles. He's not afraid to throw into tight windows and hit anticipatory throws.

There are some comparisons that can be made to Justin Fields, but to call them the same player is just wrong. If any quarterback from this draft class should be compared to Fields it is Jayden Daniels. He is Justin Fields light and being overvalued in this draft.