NFL Draft expert suggests Bears could help Aaron Rodgers with No. 9 pick

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

In just a few weeks, it'll be the Bears' time. This year is shaping up to be the one where they finally have a (potentially) franchise-altering draft, with half of their picks coming in the Top 10. They'll take their next franchise quarterback – who just happens to be the best prospect since Andrew Luck – first overall and then have a wide variety of options to work with when it comes to their next pick at nine. Nothing's certain in life, but it's hard to see a way the Bears can muck this up. Right?

[Sits up in seat][Straightens tie] Well, actually, that's not true. It is the Bears, after all. And if you're one of those people (ie Bears fans) with a morbid curiosity about the worst case scenario, well reader, we've got it for you. It comes via NFL Draft analyst Adam Rank, who released yet another mock draft this week. In said mock draft, he spends a few dozen words talking about the Bears' options at nine. Most of it is pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, but then, at the very last moment, things get dark:

"I know you're going to trade down for more picks," Rank writes. "Or maybe even take an edge rusher to keep Matt Eberflus happy. However, as a totally rational Bears fan, I don't expect you to draft in the top 10 for the next decade, so you should really take advantage of picking this high one last time. Go ahead and throw one more pick at the offense to support Caleb. Odunze also gives you insurance if Keenan Allen walks next offseason. Too easy."

OK, sure, fine. It's some pretty standard reasoning finished with a heavy pour of over-the-top Bears enthusiasm, which is basically Adam Rank in a nutshell. Then, for whatever reason, things get dark for a moment:

"I also heard somebody talking about trading down and eventually just taking LSU WR Brian Thomas Jr. OK, I kind of dig that idea, if you can get somebody to bite. Maybe even convince the Jets to give you an extra pick to move up one spot. You know they are going to be super desperate -- hahahahahahaha."

Huh? What? Why would you put that evil on them? Of all the endless scenarios in which the Bears can really make an impact with two Top 10 picks, it's hard to think of a worse one than "Give Aaron Rodgers the last great receiver of his career." The tides in the Rodgers-Bears dynamic are just now starting to shift, and we're just going to willingly volunteer ideas like that? Even with trading down being as en vogue as it is currently, is there a single Bears fan who would 'dig the idea' of throwing Rodgers a career life float?

There's some pain behind those last seven ha's. I get it. But Rodgers has made Bears fans have suffer enough. Trade the pick to, like, Jacksonville if you must.