NFL Draft insider provides important reminder for Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears can not pass on their shot at greatness at the quarterback position with Caleb Williams.

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The debate surrounding what the Chicago Bears should do with the first overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft has become exhausting with many tired of hearing arguments from those who want the team to build a team around a quarterback in Justin Fields, who is good but has limitations as a passer; or, select Caleb Williams, who many believe will be great at the NFL level.

The debate itself has jumped the shark with many turning toward taking personal shots at Fields that are a lazy attempt to get clicks on a meddling sports radio station in Chicago.

It's become difficult to discover actual football analysis regarding what the Bears should do at the quarterback position this off-season but there are some informative takes still out there.

Daniel Jeremiah was on a conference call recently and talked about what the Bears should do with the pick.

"I am, like, yeah, I know one or two Super Bowls every 10 years you will get a Nick Foles magic carpet ride with an unbelievable team. The rest of them seem to be won by Patrick Mahomes and Tom Bradys of the world, the elite, elite guys.

If you have a chance to go out there and get one of these guys who can be elite, I think you have to take your shot if you are the Bears."

Bears Wire

There are plenty of reasons to like Fields. Fields has been the most exciting quarterback to play the position for the Bears in the history of the organization. Even, amidst weird controversy regarding who he follows on Instagram, Fields reminded everyone that he is extremely likable.

The issue is that Fields, with his play as a passing quarterback, will always leave fans with the question of "what if". Fields will be able to win games with his hero plays on the ground but his arm has proved to come up short in games when the Bears have needed their quarterback to win the game in the fourth quarter. With that box being unchecked after Fields' first three seasons in the NFL, it would be negligent of the Bears to not take the shot at greatness with Williams.

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