NFL expert is pumping the brakes on the Caleb Williams hype train

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Just in time for the long weekend, here's a huge bummer of an article! It's about Caleb Williams, and how one person on a podcast said he wasn't all that great. Content!

While most of the Caleb Williams headlines have been overwhelmingly positive so far, there are still the vocal minority out there who think he's overrated. That includes Mark Schlereth, whose take on Williams is making the rounds on the internet this week. It is almost exactly what you'd expect from Mark Schelreth.

NFL expert is pumping the brakes on the Caleb Williams hype train

"I see the talent, there's no question about the talent," he said. "But 'generational talent' doesn't mean 'generational quarterback.' Joe Montana didn't have generational talent, and he's one of the best quarterbacks you've ever seen. Tom Brady didn't have generational talent, but he's the GOAT of all quarterbacks. Peyton Manning didn't have generational talent, but he is great. Drew Brees didn't have generational talent, he's going to the Hall of Fame. There's a big difference between generational talent and being an All-Pro great quarterback."

I mean, Peyton Manning was the first overall pick in his draft class, but whatever. This entire argument feels like being he's just being pedantic for the fun of it, or because someone in his camp told him that having a hot take like this on Twitter would be good for engagement. What is the point of arguing that Caleb Williams is not yet one of the 4-5 best quarterbacks of all time? Are we supposed to think that's clever? Also, using four examples is overkill and his choices make him come across as someone who put the absolute least amount of thought into this argument possible.

And truth be told, there's probably a decent argument to be made that Williams has gotten over-hyped – there are certainly fair concerns to be had about any rookie quaterback. But just going on a podcast and rattling off names of old QBs that played in your era, as if that makes some sort of wise point that hasn't been screamed about on NFL Live 1000 times in the last year, is dopey Dad behavior.