NFL insider reveals what Bears will "probably" do about 2024 QB dilemma

MMQB's Albert Breer gives some decent intel on what the Bears are thinking.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

It's day 1050 of the Justin Fields-Caleb Williams debate (more or less) and we're still no closer to any real understanding of where the Bears are in the process. There have been reports out there that hint at the Bears bringing Fields back, and others that directly contradict that. One moment, they're bringing in Williams' QB coach Kliff Kingsbury for a "job interview," and the next they're reportedly defending Fields when talking with other offensive coordinator candidates. Such is life when you have the first overall pick and a QB conundrum. However, the latest 'report' from The Monday Morning Quarterback's Albert Breer offers some insight into where the front office in Chicago may be headed. It's by no means a full answer, but when info shows up on MMQB, there's usually some truth behind it. Here's what Breer had to say when asked about the Fields-Williams debate:

"[Fields'] progress has come. But it just hasn’t come fast enough to alter conventional NFL wisdom on what the Chicago Bears should do with a generational type of talent available to them with the first pick in the draft, especially when that generational talent will be on a rookie contract through 2027. So, yeah, Fields should have some value to someone else the way that Goff and Mayfield did. And the Bears probably will have USC’s Caleb Williams at QB in ’24."

Like him or not, it's hard to argue that Breer isn't plugged in. So to that point, it's interesting that he provides one of the more direct predictions that we've seen yet. Up to this point, most reports come along with disclaimers and hedging statements like "it would make sense if," and "people I've talked to suggest." And while this is by no means a fully-sourced, on-the-record report, it does read way more confidently than just about anything that anyone's said so far. It may be time to que up the '5 Likely Trade Destinations For Justin Fields' slideshows.


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