NFL Mock Draft: Predictions for Chicago Bears on Day 3

Chicago Bears, 2024 NFL Draft
Chicago Bears, 2024 NFL Draft / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears may have entered the 2024 NFL Draft with just four picks, but the damage they have done with just three selections, thus far, is exponential.

There was no secret about Chicago selecting Caleb Williams no. 1 overall, but when they were able to land wide receiver Rome Odunze at no. 9? That's when things really started changing for this team.

Williams was already going to bring a different energy and anticipation to this organization, but adding a weapon like Odunze alongside D.J. Moore and Keenan Allen took this to a whole new level.

In Round 3, the Bears once again went offense when they selected Yale offensive tackle Kiran Amegadjie, who will presumably compete with Braxton Jones on the left side. Now, Chicago enters Day 3 of the draft with one more pick, their lone fourth-round selection coming at no. 122 overall.

The Bears will not end Day 3 with just one draft pick

Just two days before the draft, Ryan Poles told the media he was perfectly fine with the amount of picks the Bears had going into draft weekend. He even mentioned the idea of having less than four picks. We all know Poles to be unafraid of making a deal or two.

And that's exactly what he's going to do on Day 3. Remember, Poles ended the 2022 NFL Draft making three trades and ending up with 11 total selections. Last year, he made four deals during draft weekend. Don't think Chicago won't end up making at least one trade on Saturday.

Prediction: The Bears trade back from no. 122 and acquire a sixth-round pick

The first prediction sees Chicago moving back from no. 122 and adding a sixth rounder in the process, moving back just a couple of spots with a team like, say, the Baltimore Ravens at no. 130 overall.

From there, Poles will stand pat at no. 130 and take the best player available. But, in the sixth round, you better believe he'll be shopping that selection as well.

Prediction: Chicago trades back in the sixth round, acquiring a seventh-round pick

With the pick acquired from Baltimore (no. 218), the Bears then move back with a team like the Los Angeles Chargers and end up with a pair of seventh-round selections at no. 225 and no. 253.

So, instead of ending the draft with just four picks, the Bears are able to add two more and come away with six selections in total. While that's not an earth-shattering amount, Poles loves adding picks. We've learned that. So, an extra two at-bats shouldn't be overlooked.

From there, expect the Bears to be extremely active in undrafted free agency, just as they were last year when they added the no. 1 undrafted quarterback, Tyson Bagent.