NFL Player Comparisons for all 5 Chicago Bears Draft Picks

Chicago Bears, Rome Odunze, Caleb Williams
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After a long couple of months, the 2024 NFL Draft is officially in the rearview, and the Chicago Bears have added five exciting players to their roster. Unfortunately for Bears fans, the opportunity to see these players suit up for the first time is still months away and much of the draft hype will have died down by then.

Still, it is hard not to think of what these players will do for the team next year, making comparisons to current and former NFL players that much more interesting. NFL comps can be very difficult as players succeed or not based on a variety of factors other than what former players they resemble, but it can be a fun exercise to think about the expectations for certain players.

With that said, here is an in-depth look at some professional comparisons for all five of the newest Chicago Bears selections. As a reminder, comparing one player to another is not saying that these two players will have the same careers, but it signifies the similarities in how they play and what their potential roles could look like moving forward. So without further ado, let's look at some player comparisons, starting with the first overall pick:

Round 1 Pick 1 - Quarterback Caleb Williams

Aaron Rodgers in Baker Mayfield's body

This combination seems somewhat obvious, especially considering Caleb Williams' time at Oklahoma and USC. The latest Lincoln Riley-coached quarterback to dominate at the collegiate level, Williams has nearly identical measurements as Baker Mayfield, his Sooner predecessor. Both weighed about 215 pounds at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and Williams is about a half-inch taller with slightly longer arms and bigger hands.

Still, Williams strives to play more towards the likes of Aaron Rodgers, who Bears fans are all too familiar with. Of course, Rodgers is surgical from the pocket, but his real value comes when plays break down, where he uses his legs as a scrambler to find space behind the line of the scrimmage while allowing his receivers to get open downfield. Combining this patience and athleticism with the ability to make every throw, it is no mystery why Williams models his game to the former Packers quarterback. Williams will need to gain more experience against NFL defenses to truly reach the processing level of a quarterback like Rodgers, but the similarities in their abilities to create and deliver from awkward angles are striking.

Round 1 Pick 9 - Wide Receiver Rome Odunze

Keenan Allen with more explosiveness

Throughout the entire pre-draft process, Rome Odunze was considered one of the top pass-catchers of his class, thanks to a unique blend of physical talent and technical consistency. It is hard to find a 6'3" receiver like Odunze who has a dominant blend of speed and explosiveness - the latter seen in his insane combine testing numbers. Regardless of size and athleticism, Odunze possesses the technique to take his game to another level, and a new Chicago Bear could be the perfect mentor for Odunze.

The recently acquired Keenan Allen is not quite the athlete that Odunze is, although the two players are fairly similar in size and length. Still, Allen has dominated the NFL for over a decade thanks to his crisp route running, aggressive hands, and elite body control. Odunze already has these traits in his game, but being able to practice and workshop these skills with Allen will only do wonders for his development. Odunze is in a great situation to grow as a player, and realistically, he could become an Allen-type player with even more athleticism and physicality.