NFL Player Comparisons for all 5 Chicago Bears Draft Picks

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Round 3 Pick 75 - Offensive Lineman Kiran Amegadjie

Willie Anderson in Jahri Evans' Role

Looking at the official measurements from the NFL Combine, Kiran Amegadjie is nearly a clone of former All-Pro offensive tackle Willie Anderson. With identical heights and weights, Amegadjie possesses longer arms than Anderson, although the 1996 first-rounder has much bigger hands. Still, the similarities are there, and perhaps a leading factor in why Amegadjie sought out the former Bengals' help with training during the pre-draft process.

Of course, there is about a two-round difference between where Anderson and Amegadjie were drafted, and the latter's role with the Bears will be less defined - at least in his first year or so. To see how Amegadjie could play quickly, a player like Jahri Evans is an interesting comparison. Despite being a talented left tackle at the Division II level, Evans eventually kicked inside to guard and enjoyed a very productive career in the NFL. At least to start his career, this might be a smart path for Amegadjie, who likely will not be able to beat out incumbent tackle Braxton Jones as a rookie. Moving to guard does not prohibit Amegadjie from kicking back out at some point in his career, but for the time being, familiarizing the Yale product with multiple positions would not only get him on the field quicker but would help the offensive line with depth that will inevitably be relied upon during a 17-game season.