NFL Player Comparisons for all 5 Chicago Bears Draft Picks

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Round 5 Pick 144 - Edge Rusher Austin Booker

T.J. Watt with less explosiveness

To address the elephant in the room, it is certainly ambitious to compare a fifth-round player to one of the league's best players at any position, especially when the combine measurements do not exactly line up. But despite T.J. Watt having slightly better speed and explosiveness than Austin Booker, the two possess a diverse set of pass-rush approaches that allow them to set up different moves throughout a game and a season.

Watt and Booker enjoyed successful yet short collegiate careers, with Booker playing in just 18 games to Watt's 22. Watt recorded 3.5 more sacks than Booker over that span, but the two have a lot in common in terms of how they won at the collegiate level. Both players utilize a diverse set of pass-rush moves and setups that keep the offensive line in front of them guessing on their next attack. This skillset is rare for any collegiate pass-rusher, let alone a mid-round selection with limited playing time like Booker, but if the Kansas defender can add to his 240 lb frame, he could potentially reach the heights of a player like Watt, even if the Wisconsin product has just a touch more athleticism.