NFL Rumors: Chicago Bears may be making a push for Commanders DE, Chase Young

Chicago Bears, Chase Young
Chicago Bears, Chase Young / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Chicago Bears, Chase Young
Chicago Bears, Chase Young / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

More Pros and Cons regarding the Chicago Bears and Chase Young

Pro: The Chicago Bears have a surplus of cap space and picks

The Bears have more available salary cap space in 2024 than any other NFL team, a staggering $96 million with which to work. They also have a defense that is currently 28th in the league in DVOA and ranks second-to-last in the NFL in sacks recorded with 10. They also have what, at the moment, is one of the most valuable commodities in football: the Carolina Panthers' first-round selection next year.

The Panthers are the only remaining winless team in the NFL, which gives the Bears a great shot at owning the #1 overall pick. USC quarterback Caleb Williams is seen as a generational prospect, which means the Bears could either select him or trade the pick for an incredible bounty.

The Bears also possess the Eagles' fourth-rounder next year, plus all of their own picks in the first five rounds. Poles will have to decide if Young is worth the investment, but there's no question that the Chicago Bears can afford both the Commanders' asking price in a trade and Young's asking price for his next contract.

Con: Chase Young carries a lot of risk due to his injury history

Young played 15 games and won the Defensive Rookie of the Year award in 2020, but he only played 12 games in the next two years combined, thanks to an ACL tear he suffered in Week 9 of 2021. Young wore a brace during the three games he returned for in 2022, but ditched it leading into this season, even saying that he feels "explosive again" in training camp.

Young has indeed looked like his old self, as he's well on pace for the first double-digit sack year of his career, even after missing Week 1 with a neck stinger.

ACL injuries are always scary, but Young is now two years removed from the setback. There's no reason to think the Bears would be acquiring a player at less than 100%.