NFL Rumors: Chicago Bears may be making a push for Commanders DE, Chase Young

Chicago Bears, Chase Young
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Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

So what should the Chicago Bears do?

Obviously, Poles should do what he can to minimize the price for Young, especially since the Bears are on track to pick near the top of the draft once again. Can he convince the Commanders to take a third-rounder? That could all come down to what other teams offer. Ideally, Poles can close the deal for less than the Commanders' asking price: maybe a third and a fifth would be enough.

The Commanders seem to be motivated to sell. They have a new owner, and they'll likely have a new coach next year if Ron Rivera doesn't miraculously make a run to the playoffs. Not only that, 24-year-old defensive stars don't just become available like this, and Young will probably already be locked up by someone else if the Bears wait until free agency to sign him. This is a real opportunity.

Poles' record in trades is a mixed bag. The Claypool trade is a black mark on his resume, and Roquan Smith has been balling in Baltimore. But the haul Poles got from the Panthers, which included D.J. Moore and the possible top overall pick next year, could be the type of franchise-altering move that we look back on as the moment the Bears returned to greatness. I trust him to make a splashy move like this.


Chase Young is a special player, and as an extra bonus, he's close with Justin Fields after the two were teammates at Ohio State. Poles traded Robert Quinn last year because at 32 years old, the veteran wasn't part of the future plans of a rebuilding team. Young is only 24, and the ACL tear is a thing of the past. The odds of next year's second-round pick being as good as Chase Young are incredibly slim. The Bears have picks, and they have cap room. Let's go get a new Monster of the Midway.