3 notable changes from the Chicago Bears defense since the Montez Sweat trade

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The Chicago Bears are 2-2 since they acquired Montez Sweat. While the trade has not completely turned things around, and it is not the only thing that helped this change, it is clear that the Bears' defense is playing a different but also better style of football since the addition of Sweat. What are the biggest differences?

3. The Chicago Bears are rushing four less, and blitzing more with Montez Sweat 

One of the best parts about adding Montez Sweat is that the Chicago Bears can get consistent pressure without blitzing. As noted in the chart below, the Bears are blitzing less in the last four games than they have all season. However, they are also getting pressure at a higher rate than they would normally. 

A lot of this comes down to Sweat. Sweat had a 10% pass rush win rate with Washington, but that has been up to 16% in these past four weeks. He has 2.5 sacks, which is 0.5 away from tying the team lead. His impact has been felt. The Bears have seven sacks in the last three weeks. They had 10 in the eight weeks without Sweat.

Still, it has also made everyone's lives easier. They see more one-on-one matchups and they get to win their matchups more often. When the Bears do blitz, it is more impactful, and when they do not, it means more assets in coverage. The Bears pass defense has been improved. They have seven interceptions in the past two weeks after just six in the first eight without Sweat. Some of that is the health in the secondary, but it is also the help from the pass rush and Montez Sweat.