5 notable differences since the last time the Detroit Lions played the Chicago Bears

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When the Detroit Lions head to Chicago to take on the Bears this week, there will be a few more differences than just the location. The teams played each other just two weeks ago, but the NFL stands for Not For Long because things can change quickly. Somehow, the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions have been different teams since then. What are the notable changes?

5. The Detroit Lions run game will look different against the Chicago Bears this week 

When the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions played back in week 11, the Lions' offensive front looked a little bit different. They had one injury on the line, but the impact appears to be greater with their more recent injury. 

In week 11, the Lions were without left guard Jonah Jackson. Jackson has been in and out of the lineup all season, first with an ankle injury and, more recently, with a wrist injury. So, they slid in rookie Colby Sorsdall against the Chicago Bears. He was not great, but the other four spots held it down, and the Lions got the win.

This time around, Jackson is back, but there is more shuffling all over. The Lions' starting center, Frank Ragnow, will miss this game with a knee injury. This is bigger than getting Jackson back because it is starting a change at multiple positions. 

The Lions elected to put Graham Glasgow at center. Glasgow was their starting right guard. Then, they had Sorsdall move from being the depth left guard to starting at right guard.

So, the Chicago Bears will technically see three new spots, although Ragnow is out and Jackson is in. Glasgow at center, Jackson at left guard, and Sorsdall at right guard is not only a combination the Bears did not see last time; it is something the Lions have only done together for 37 snaps.  

This shuffling could be an advantage for the Chicago Bears.