5 notable differences since the last time the Detroit Lions played the Chicago Bears

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1. The Chicago Bears are much healthier than the Detroit Lions.  

The Chicago Bears are not nearly as different roster-wise compared to the Detroit Lions. Some of that can be because while the Lions were losing players left and right, the Bears had a bye week. Also, while the Lions were the healthier team early in the season, this is trending to Chicago.

The Bears are not much different, but week 11 was also the return for key names such as Justin Fields, Nate Davis, and Tremaine Edmunds. These are supposed to be game-changing players.  

Davis looked a bit rusty against Detroit but looked much better in the week 12 win over Minnesota. He should be at his best after the bye week. The Chicago Bears defense has spent two games as a unit with all of their corps pieces, and even week 12 had them without Tyrique Stevenson. Sunday may be the best defense looks on paper. 

Of course, this will be game three for Fields since returning from his injury. Fields is rushing well and taking fewer sacks than before. It could be because he has better help than ever before. 

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So, the Detroit Lions roster mostly has fallen apart in recent weeks while the Bears roster has come together. We will see what this means soon.