3 notable differences since Justin Fields returned to the Chicago Bears from injury 

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2. The Chicago Bears are using Justin Fields' legs more

Another reason Justin Fields is taking fewer sacks is because Justin Fields is using his legs more. This comes not only by design but also with his scrambling ability. Justin Fields has an 11% scramble rate since returning from injury. That is up from 9% before. However, most of that comes from a lot of scrambles in week one. 

Justin Fields had 11 scrambles from week two through six, which was 7%. He has 12 scrambles in the last three weeks. The Bears also doubled his designed run rate. The Chicago Bears called a designed run 16% of the time in the first six weeks, 30 overall. That is up to 32% and 30 calls over the last three weeks.

The results are notable. He has 30 rushes for 163 yards in the last three weeks. That would have him on pace for over 1,300 yards, and it is 5.4 per attempt and 81.5 yards per game. He had 47 rushes for 237 in the first six games. That is 5 yards per attempt and 39.5 yards per game. 

This is a big increase in rushes and yards per game. This had helped the Chicago Bears win games.