3 notable differences since Justin Fields returned to the Chicago Bears from injury 

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1. Justin Fields has increased his accuracy with the Chicago Bears

Justin Fields has been explosive as a runner, and he has taken fewer sacks. What is impressive is seeing his accuracy improve. PFF is able to take away the throwaways, which can often be a smart play by the quarterback to avoid a sack. As noted, the throwaways for Fields came under pressure. When you take out throwaways, spikes, and drops, you see that Fields has an 82.1% adjusted completion rate in the last three games. 

That is up from 72.9%. His bad throw rate is down from 15.4% to 6.5%. A lot of this can come from the Vikings game when he threw plenty of screens. However, his adjusted accuracy is above 73% in all three games, and his bad throw rate was zero in the Chicago Bears home win against the Detroit Lions.

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If you have watched the Chicago Bears in recent weeks, you would know that he has been more accurate. His completion rate is not as high as you would want to see because he is avoiding sacks and keeping the team ahead of schedule. When he does have the time to pass, he is making things happen. This is a different Justin Fields than the first six weeks.