3 notes coming from Chicago Bears 2023 rookie camp

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Tyler Scott, Chicago Bears
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2. Chicago Bears are working Tyler Scott in the slot

It is not much, but the start of Tyler Scott and his journey to the NFL will begin the slot. This is notable in a few ways. First, he spent 97% of his routes run on the outside during his college career. This is new to him, and the fourth-round pick will be the fourth receiver, meaning limited work.

The question will be if they work him in the slot all the time, or if the move him outside and let him be the fourth guy who can jump in for any of the receivers. Due to his size, the Chicago Bears probably like him in the slot.

They also liked Darnell Mooney in the slot a lot more than the last front office. Last season Mooney played the most time in the slot by a good amount, nearly 20% more than Matt Nagy ever did. That was without DJ Moore, and only with Chase Claypool for about three games, so Mooney is looking like the full time slot.

This is why this is notable. On one hand, Scott knows the outside, and is learning the slot, so he could fill in for either Chase Claypool or Darnell Mooney next season. On the other, Scott looks a lot more like Mooney and he could spend a year learning the slot with the thought that he would be in that role full-time come 2024. Did this small story show mans the long term plans on Darnell Mooney with the Chicago Bears?