4 notes to watch on Chicago Bears wide receivers in preseason

The Chicago Bears will be looking at special teams, and particularly the return game to settle the bottom of the wide receiver depth chart.

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The Chicago Bears have plenty to look for this preseason as the roster is getting better, and there are more jobs on the line. The wide receiver looks night and day better than last season, but plenty of jobs remain unresolved. Who are the players on the Bears wide receiver depth chart who need to show something in the coming weeks?

4. Can Tyler Scott win the the Chicago Bears punt return job?

Tyler Scott is a lock for the Chicago Bears roster in his rookie season. The team definitely needs to see what they can get from him. The question with Scott is more about his role. He has essentially been drafted to replace Darnell Mooney, and so he has been learning the slot. This is something to watch.

More than that is his punt return duties. The fourth wide receiver is one thing, but if he can land a starting job as a punt returner, it could help him stick for the long term. More than that, it clears up the WR depth chart.

Dante Pettis is right on the roster bubble, almost solely because he beat out Velus Jones for the punt return job last season. If Scott can beat out Pettis, not only does he lock down a role for himself, but he also makes it easy for the Chicago Bears to let Dante Pettis walk in free agency.