4 notes to watch on Chicago Bears wide receivers in preseason

The Chicago Bears will be looking at special teams, and particularly the return game to settle the bottom of the wide receiver depth chart.

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Equanimeous St. Brown, Chicago Bears

1. Is Equanimeous St. Brown stepping up on special teams for the Chicago Bears?

Equaimeous St. Brown is another player who is seeing his role reduced. Nobody played more snaps as an outside wide receiver than St. Brown, and he was only behind Darnell Mooney and Dante Pettis in overall routes run. However, this year, he is much closer to number six in the pecking order.

However, he could get on the field over both Velus Jones and Tyler Scott because of his blocking. He played over Jones last year for that exact reason, and it is hard to think that Jones will catch up with him.

Jones has his own role, but ESB took a jet sweep or two last season as well. More than that, we have to see St. Brown play special teams. He was an ace on ST with the Green Bay Packers, but the Chicago Bears needed him on offense so badly that they had to keep him out of the mix on special teams or he would have been too tired for offense.

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Now that he will play less offensive snaps, his job will be tied to special teams. We assume he will excel here, but will he? This will be worth watching in the next few weeks.