2 OC hires that would signal Chicago Bears keeping Justin Fields, 1 that would not

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2. Would Tee Martin signal the Chicago Bears want Justin Fields to grow 

Tee Martin is another interesting name that would almost certainly signal Justin Fields is staying at quarterback. Once again, that is because of his relationship with Lamar Jackson. The reality is that if you want to get the most out of Fields, they should be calling plays similar to what made Jackson so successful. So, why not steal the guys who were so open to this style and have obviously found success with it?

Tee Martin coached in college from 2009-2020. This is good in that he incorporates a lot of the new-age thinking that is coming into the game. However, since 2021, he has been with Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. He coached wide receivers for the last two years before being Lamar Jackson's quarterback coach. 

While he has never called plays, there is a reason to get more excited about Martin than Roman. First, he worked with Roman, but now is working with Todd Monken. So, he saw how Roman worked with Jackson, but he also saw how Monken was able to take what Jackson learned and take it one step further. More than that, working in multiple positions gives him a view of the field. Martin would be young and exciting and would have experience with a good mobile quarterback. He also has more upside and a potential influence on improving the passing game with Justin Fields. If he were hired, it would be for Justin Fields.