2 OC hires that would signal Chicago Bears keeping Justin Fields, 1 that would not

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1. If the Chicago Bears hired Kliff Kingsbury, it would not be for Justin Fields

One name who would not be hired for Justin Fields would be Kliff Kingsbury. Kingsbury is the former Arizona Cardinals head coach, and he was hired mainly for his offense. Now, he is the current senior offensive assistant and quarterbacks coach at USC. That is the first reason he would not be brought in to coach Justin Fields. 

Kingsbury had a few offers after he was fired by the Cardinals but chose USC for Caleb Williams. He came into the Arizona Cardinals because he knew he got to draft Kyler Murray. Kliff Kingsbury will go only where there is a quarterback he wants. If that quarterback is once again Caleb Williams, you can expect to see Kingsbury interested in making the jump back to the NFL to coach him. 

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With that in mind, they would not hire him and then not draft Williams. That means that Fields would be gone. Most of the offensive coordinator candidates are not that tied to one quarterback, but Kliff Kingsbury is.