3 things officially over for the Chicago Bears after Minnesota Vikings loss

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Teven Jenkins
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2. The Chicago Bears offensive line continuity ended before it started

The Chicago Bears had a hope for their offensive line this summer, but it never came together. They wanted to see Braxton Jones, Teven Jenkins, Cody Whitehair, Nate Davis, and Darnell Wright as their group. They played zero snaps together.

Teven Jenkins and Nate Davis missed the start of the year, and then Braxton Jones was placed on the IR. In week six, they were able to put four of those lineman in their proper spots, which is more continuity than they have ever had. However, that ended rather briefly as well.

Nate Davis left quickly with an ankle injury and did not return. Worse than that, Cody Whitehair was awful. They are asking way too much of Whitehair, and they should have cut Whitehair, which fans and media thought was an obvious decision. Whitehair is not at the age, injury history, or position to succeed. They have been asking him to shuffle between center and guard, and after spending the whole summer, he was shifted to guard, only to be moved back to center now. It is a lot to ask of him, and he has never been a natural center. So, he had an awful game and was benched.

The Chicago Bears do not have any answer at center, they will not get Braxton Jones back, and Nate Davis is now banged up. Any hope for the offensive line flew out the window when they struggled with the Minnesota Vikings front that has not been able to get much push.