Ranking 5 best offseason moves by Chicago Bears

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Ryan Poles, Chicago Bears
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4. Chicago Bears got a haul for the number one overall pick

Beyond Ryan Poles deciding that Justin Fields was worth keeping and not taking a quarterback number one, Ryan Poles did a masterful job of trading the number one overall pick. Everything he did poorly in the Chase Claypool trade that scared you, he redeemed with this trade.

First, he called his shot after the NFL Combine. He said that he wanted multiple firsts and a player and he said that he did not care how far they dropped. Then, he got numerous firsts, D.J. Moore, and he moved down to nine when so many thought the Colts or Texans would be a front-runner for the pick.

In getting D.J. Moore he did his job to help Justin Fields. This is as close to A.J. Brown or Stefon Diggs getting traded this offseason, so he did what the Bills and Eagles did to help their quarterbacks. More than that, he got the pick that wound up being moved into being Tyrique Stevenson. A future first does not hurt as well. Especially coming from a team starting a rookie quarterback.

So, Ryan Poles turned that number one pick into multiple pieces that help them win next year, and he still had a little left to win with next year as well. This was as good of a trade as you can find.