Ranking 5 best offseason moves by Chicago Bears

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Gervon Dexter, Chicago Bears

2. Gervon Dexter has star potential for the Chicago Bears

A lot of people put this is a negative move, but I could not be further on the other side. This is someone who was saying that Gervon Dexter had the chance to be the next Chris Jones, and this was before the 2023 NFL draft. So, when Ryan Poles, the guy who was in the room when Chris Jones gets drafted says the same thing, I tend to agree with him.

The best part of Dexter is that the Chicago Bears double-dipped at pass rusher. Some thought that was too much, but the team needed it. First, neither Andrew Billings nor Justin Jones are locked down long-term. Neither is the long-term answer, either. More than that, we know Matt Eberflus needs to get pressure from the inside more than the outside. He has been looking for inside rush since day one.

So, with Zacch Pickens, the Chicago Bears drafted the guy who is older, more experienced, and ready to start day one. With Gervon Dexter they drafted the high-end traits and the player who could hit the highest ceiling. This makes too much sense, and it is a perfect fit.

It will allow Eberflus to be careful with Dexter, ease him into the rotation, and set him up to get the best out of him. Still, with Pickens, they upgraded the room. The Bears will rotate four rushers with Pickens, Dexter, Billings, and Justin Jones. The three names added to Justin Jones were all needed, making this room much better.