One area where the Chicago Bears have already seen Justin Fields improve

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When Tyson Bagent started for four games, there was a strong talking point around the Chicago Bears. Bagent was not taking nearly as many sacks as Justin Fields was. Bagent was playing behind the same line but taking far fewer sacks. So, it was getting clear that Fields could control his issue more.

Can Justin Fields take fewer sacks for the Chicago Bears?

It has only been two games, but it looks like Fields is showing a response. He has taken five sacks, but it is easier to place the blame on the offensive line now. That is because his pressure-to-sack rate was 13.9% in the last two games, per PFF. It was 14.3% in week 11 and then 13.6% in week 12. 

This is pretty significant. Of games when Fields throws at least five passes, these are the third and fourth lowest pressure-to-sack rate games of his career. His two-game span of a 13.9% pressure-to-sack rate is much lower than the 20.4% rate that he has this year. 

Also, his career pressure-to-sack rate is 24.2%, and last year it was up at a ridiculous 27.1%. So, when he gets pressure, he is taking a sack 7% less often this season, and in the last two games, it is 11% less often than his career rate. 

It is such a small sample, but it is notable to compare the week six Vikings game with the most recent Vikings game. Fields had a 36.4% pressure-to-sack rate and got hurt scrambling for his life. Then, on Monday, it was the lowest rate of his season, and he stayed healthy in a Bears win. Fans are mad about all of the screen calls, but against a Brian Flores defense that will mix it up and confuse you, Justin Fields did not take any bad sacks. 

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Justin Fields has five more games to prove that this two-game sample is not a fluke and that he is becoming more aware of how to handle the pressure. If that is the case, it is the type of improvement needed to bet on him moving forward.