Why Peter King is the Man and other young Chicago Bears media are clueless

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The truth about the Chicago Bears is within Peter King

If you have yet to see the conversation on the Chicago Bears with Peter King and Myles Simmons on NFL on NBC, you need to. Peter King is the man. I have had a hard time sharing my thoughts with many on Twitter on why the Chicago Bears should be focused on the #1 draft selection over the bright, shiny draft prospects. Myles Simmons expressed how he felt that a team in this unique situation should draft the top quarterback prospect because they can reset the team's finances. I argued for days with a guy on Twitter (as I commonly do) about the cost of Justin Fields with the Chicago Bears.

I give that guy credit because he understands how the rising market works. He isn't wrong, but some of his figures are a bit egregious. Even if we were to assume his figures of the Bears looking at $50 million annually for Fields, that wouldn't be until way later when we would know the answer to Justin Fields being the man or not. I feel many think this is the fifth year for Justin Fields, and he was already tagged, and the Bears have to answer whether they will keep him or not. This is Fields' third season in the NFL people. The Chicago Bears can wait to fork out money for a long time.

If the Chicago Bears trade down (and they absolutely should), they could gain another future first-round draft pick or more. What is the rush? I won't beat the dead horse of the quarterbacks coming in next year's draft class again, but that article is out there, too (**cough** Sanders). Truthfully, if we are talking finances, the Chicago Bears would be paying Justin Fields to play for another team and the rookie quarterback contracts for a season. King suggests talking to Justin Fields about his future if they were to keep him.

The Chicago Bears could find themselves with another top receiving option on the team and save some money on the quarterback in the long run with some realistic contract extension talks. Like Peter said, you don't have to pay Fields what Jones got with the Giants. He Could say screw it, they will be paying me? Sure. He could also work with them on something reasonable. We don't know, we aren't Justin Fields. Who is to say that the team the Bears trade down with won't find themselves as the last-place team next season?

One option for Ryan Poles during the 2024 NFL draft. One option for Ryan Poles during the 2024 NFL draft. dark. Next

I doubt Ryan Poles will get caught up with the shiny toys at the top of the draft. He didn't last season. I mean, come on. Did you expect Darnell Wright to be the player the Bears picked at nine last year in January? I know I didn't. Think outside the box, like Tom Downey's mock draft on ChatSports. Ryan Poles will do whatever is best for the Chicago Bears. It could be a quarterback with the first overall pick, but I bet it's a trade-down unless he falls in love with someone.