3 players on the Chicago Bears who can benefit the most from Eric Washington 

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The Chicago Bears hired Eric Washington to be their defensive coordinator. The team made the move for a variety of reasons, and he has a long history of experience, especially on the defensive line. Who are some players, both on the line and off of the football, who may be most excited to hear that Eric Washington will be the new coordinator in Chicago?

3. Eric Washington was hired by the Chicago Bears to get the most out of Gervon Dexter

The Chicago Bears did not hire Eric Washington, especially for Gervon Dexter, but that had to be a selling point. You have to imagine that Washington included Dexter and his plans to get the most out of him as his pitch to be a coordinator.

Dexter has all of the physical tools you need. His first step if great, and he showed big-time flashes as a pass rusher. However, the Bears need to see more. He has to refine his game as a pass rusher and time the snaps better. As a run defender, he needs a lot of work. 

Two different players, Kawaan Short with the Carolina Panthers and Ed Oliver with the Buffalo Bills, broke out with Washington as their defensive line coach. Short was a later-round pick, while Oliver went top ten. Both of them had physical traits that matched Dexter, and both of them needed some development before they broke out. Both of them saw that happen with Washington. Short recorded an 11-sacks reason in 2015 and had three strong years after that. Ed Oliver just had 9.5 sacks last year, his best season.

There is a good chance that Dexter is the name who joins Oliver and Short as the next success story of an upfield penetrating three-technique who played his best when working under Eric Washington.