3 players on the Chicago Bears who can benefit the most from Eric Washington 

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1. Tremaine Edmunds is reunited with Eric Washington 

Eric Washington is going to have a familiar face in the middle of his defense. While Washington primarily worked with the defensive line, he was a Senior Defensive assistant for the Buffalo Bills in 2022. That meant working with Tremaine Edmunds directly during his breakout season that led to the Chicago Bears signing him. 

More than that, Edmunds knows his style and knows how to play behind his defensive line. Edmunds has been with the Buffalo Bills since 2018. Eric Washington was hired to coach the Bills' defensive line in 2020. They spent three years together and one year working hand-in-hand. 

Washington had to come in with intel on Edmunds as well, and if he did not impact him during that breakout year, he at least knows what does. 

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Edmunds was not a complete dud, but fans wanted more after what the Bears paid him. If any candidate out there could get the most out of Tremaine Edmunds at this point. It would have to be Eric Washington.