3 players Chicago Bears could buy at trade deadline, despite 2-5 record

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Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers, Brian Burns
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2. The Chicago Bears have to call the Carolina Panthers about Brian Burns

Earlier this spring, the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers discussed a Brian Burns trade. However, the Bears' interest was stronger for D.J. Moore, and something got done. However, that does not mean that Burns is not on the table. Burns is going to be a free agent after this season. The Carolina Panthers cannot and will not let him leave in free agency. They may tag him, they may extend him, and they may trade him.

Sitting at 0-6 with a new coaching staff that did not draft him means that they may trade him. Burns had 38 sacks through four seasons, and he has four sacks already this year. He is also still just 25 years old.

This is the key to adding any of these young pass rushers. They are getting them for their second contract, and they will still get prime years. Three years from now, we may be seeing the best out of Brian Burns and Chase Young, and that is when you want them to be on your team.

For Burns, the trade price is going to be more than Sweat or Young. He is healthier than both and more productive overall. Still, these two sides have worked something out before, and you have to wonder if conversations are being had.