3 players Chicago Bears could buy at trade deadline, despite 2-5 record

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Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos, Jerry Jeudy
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1. Are the Denver Broncos willing to trade a WR to the Chicago Bears?

The Denver Broncos are having a flash sale. While the team would likely be sending their star players to contenders, if a young wide receiver is available, the Chicago Bears should be interested. The main name to look at is Jerry Juedy. Like Brian Burns or Chase Young, this will be the year that he is coming off of his rookie salary. So, he is young, and the best may still be ahead.

Still, the team adding him has to realize that they will have to immediately pay him or risk losing him. The Bears were hurt by this with the Chase Claypool situation, as he entered this year as a lame-duck player. Still, Jeudy has shown more than Claypool. Also, Jeudy is a slot option. He would be an immediate and long-term upgrade from Darnell Mooney.

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Mooney is a free agent this year, and any questions the team had about paying him can go into getting that contract to Jeudy. Beyond that, the Bears can flip Mooney and get something back to make the cost of Jeudy feel lesser. Upgrading from Mooney to Jeudy at a small bump in pay and draft equity makes plenty of sense. It is not an all-in buy on the present but rather a way to upgrade the 2024 roster without waiting until free agency.