4 players the Chicago Bears should listen to trade calls for

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Justin Fields
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2. Should the Chicago Bears trade Justin Fields?

This stems from a debate that came after the Chicago Bears win. ESPN ran a segment where they suggested the best move for the team moving forward would be trading Justin Fields. So, if a team called, would they listen?

They would have to. He is right that this may be the best stretch that Fields has, and beyond that, at 1-4, even if he did have a great stretch, he may not get them into the playoff hunt. More than that, with the Carolina Panthers pick, the Bears have real assets to take a quarterback high next year.

The big issue here would be that the Bears do not have a competent backup. Tyson Bagent just passed up Nathan Peterman, but it took so long because Bagent is a rookie UDFA from a place called Shepherd. He played well in the preseason, but Kenny Pickett was the best quarterback in the preseason, so what does that tell us?

Bagent is not ready to play, and the second he went in, the team would admit they were tanking. Does that go over well? They could not do it right now; they would need to lose another couple of games. If that did happen, and Fields played well in those losses, the Bears could get a decent return, and that may help the rebuild around the new quarterback.