3 players Chicago Bears should select with the Carolina Panthers' pick

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Drake Maye
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Drake Maye

Maye and Williams are widely expected to be the first and second quarterbacks off the board. If the Bears indeed decide to move on from Justin Fields, what if they prefer Maye over Williams? Much of this will likely depend on who is coaching the team.

Maye has the size advantage over Williams but also gained more rushing yards in college. Maye racked up 1,209 yards on the ground and 16 rushing TDs in college, so it's not like the Bears would go from Fields to a statue. When compared to Williams, Maye has the better deep ball and is better at sticking to the script. Williams is more accurate and can improvise more. Both QBs are projected to be very good pros; it may just come down to which fits better stylistically.

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Ultimately, the Bears may see this as too good of an opportunity to pass up. Unless the team trades down, I believe the Panthers' pick will be spent on one of the QBs.