4 players gaining bigger roles for the Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Marcedes Lewis
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3. The Chicago Bears are getting heavier with Marcedes Lewis

When the Chicago Bears decided to move on from Chase Claypool there were a lot of questions about who would step into that role. Right now, the team has decided to go heavier with their personnel. That means Robert Tonyan, Marcedes Lewis, and Khari Blasingame all taking on bigger roles.

Lewis played 43 snaps in the last two weeks after just 22 in the first three. It is clear that the Chicago Bears are starting to shift things. Some of this is because the team played with a lead in this game. However, the Bears have to lean into running the football more and relying on the legs of Justin Fields.

That means more heavy personnel and, specifically more Lewis. Lewis is easily the best tight end on the roster when it comes to blocking. The Bears cannot get predictable, but they have to go run-heavy, and it has to lead to Lewis playing a similar snap share to the last two games.