7 players likely their playing their last game with the Chicago Bears

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2. The Chicago Bears might keep Equanimeous St. Brown 

Equanimous St. Brown is an interesting piece for the Chicago Bears. They brought him back for 2023 after he was more involved in the offense than they wanted him to be in 2022. Still, they did learn that they could trust him as a blocking option in the screen game, and they can use him as a special team's asset. At the very least, that is worth one of the last roster spots.

So, the Chicago Bears may want to keep Equanimeous St. Brown. At the same time, for the number of snaps that he played, St. Brown has just 44 yards this year. He had 323 the year prior. He is a non-factor in the passing game. More than that, he is mainly here because he came from Green Bay, another player who was once with Luke Getsy. 

If Getsy is back as offensive coordinator, you could see some of these players return. However, if the Bears change their coordinator and switch up their needs on offense, it will mean that St. Brown is heading to a new roster next year.