7 players likely their playing their last game with the Chicago Bears

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1. Is this the last time Darnell Mooney plays for the Chicago Bears?

This season has been a bit of a nightmare for Darnell Mooney. To be fair, he was coming off an ankle injury that sidelined him through most of training camp and the preseason. He was off to a slow start, and then Justin Fields got banged up. Now, he is dealing with a concussion. 

Still, he had chances to make much more of an impact in the passing game and simply came up short. Mooney currently has 414 yards in 15 games. He played 12 games last year and had 493 before his injury. This is a bad year for him, and it is coming at the worst time. He is set to be a free agent. This Chicago Bears front office did not even draft Mooney, so it is hard to see them bringing him back. 

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The good news for Mooney is that he should be able to clear the concussion protocol his week and return. Maybe he can add a small bit of value to his stats this week. Or, he may just keep it extra cautious and head into free agency without suiting up this week. Either way, it will be the last time he comes to the stadium as a Chicago Bears player.