3 plays that broke the Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings

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The Chicago Bears lost a tough game to the Minnesota Vikings 19-13. The team could have got to 2-4, which is not quite in the running for the playoffs, but it does look a lot better than 1-5 in the big picture. In such a close game, you can really point to three plays that changed everything and flipped the script. If these three plays break a different way, do the Bears win?

3. Justin Fields hurt the Chicago Bears with an interception

The Chicago Bears just kicked a field goal to make the game 6-6 with under three minutes left in the first half. Kirk Cousins faced third down with two yards to go, and T.J. Edwards came screaming at him on a blitz. Edwards hit Cousins from behind his arm and stripped the football loose.

Tremaine Edmunds jumped on it, and the Bears had the ball at the Vikings 35, threatening to score and take the lead. Three plays later, that ended.

Justin Fields faced third down with two yards to go and saw similar pressure from a Brian Flores blitz. He threw a pass as he got hit, the ball sputtered in the air, and Jordan Hicks made the interception. This gave the Vikings the football with 1:47 left in the game.

Cousins and the Vikings drove down and scored a touchdown right before the end of the first half. At the very least, if Justin Fields throws an incompletion, the Bears have a 9-6 lead. Maybe the Vikings do go down the field and make it 12-9 at the half, but it would have been tougher, and they would have had less time. Still, taking a game from 6-6 and the Bears are about to score to 12-6 and the Bears are losing is a devastating turn of events.