3 plays that broke the Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, Tuyson Bagent, Josh Metellus
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2. The Tyson Bagent fumble for a touchdown crushed the Chicago Bears

This one is pretty obvious. The Chicago Bears were down 12-6 when Tyson Bagent stepped into the game. The Bears moved the chains after two plays, but right after that, Tyson Bagent was sacked, and he fumbled the football. The Vikings did a great job of batting the ball so that it would stay in bounds, and Jordan Hicks picked the ball up.

Hicks, who had the initial game-changing interception happened to be in the right place at the right time. He was able to not only keep the football in bounds but pick it up for the scoop and the score. The game went from 12-6 to 19-6 just like that.

This play was the soul crushed for the Chicago Bears. They were down by two scores, they had a backup quarterback in, and during his third play, he cost the team in a huge way. It was hard to see any way that he could lead a comeback, and the game was out of reach from this point.