3 plays that broke the Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
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1. Tyson Bagent threw a back-breaking interceptions for the Chicago Bears

While the game felt out of reach at 19-6, Tyson Bagent found a way to keep them in it. Bagent led a touchdown drive, and the Chicago Bears forced a punt down 19-13. Bagent had the football with 6:44 to go, needing a touchdown to win the game. We have seen Justin Fields come up small in so many game-winning drive scenarios throughout his career. Now, it was time to see what Tyson Bagent could bring.

The Bears picked up 39 yards on the drive, but right before the two-minute warning, they went for a shot down the field to put themselves in a great position. Bagent appeared to have had his mind made up before the ball was even snapped because he locked onto D.J. Moore and threw it down the field to him despite not getting enough on the pass and Moore being covered.

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The egregious underthrow was easily picked off by Byron Murphy. At the two-minute warning, this was enough to put the game away and ensure that the Chicago Bears did not get any more chances. A rough series of events for this team.