5 pleasant surprises for Chicago Bears in the first half of 2023 season

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The Chicago Bears are technically past the halfway point of the year now, but with a quick turn from week nine to ten, they flew past the halfway point and are now onto the second side. 

Still, with ten games down and the Chicago Bears having a mini-break between games, it is a good time to look back at the previous ten and see what players were the biggest surprises, disappointments, and more. What were the most pleasant surprises?

5. The Chicago Bears are winning the Carolina Panthers trade in a big way

The Chicago Bears kept Justin Fields, which can be questioned. However, no one can question what Ryan Poles got back when he traded the number one overall pick. This could be a trade that becomes the strongest in recent history. 

First, the Bears got D.J. Moore. Moore is currently the best player on the Chicago Bears and one of the only things that makes the offense go. At his age and at the status of Bears wideouts, there is a chance that Moore will go down as the most productive receiver in franchise history. 

That could especially happen if the other big asset that the Bears got back from Carolina is a franchise-changing quarterback. Carolina traded up for Bryce Young and lost a future first-round pick. We knew that pick would be high, but as we stand, the Panthers have the best chance to end the year picking first overall, especially with Kyler Murray healthy for the Cardinals. The pick will be top-five at worst. 

The Bears used pieces of the package to get Tyrique Stevenson, who starts for the team as well. This trade will change the franchise forever, and right now, that looks like it will be a good thing.