3 positions Chicago Bears must draft on day two of 2023 NFL Draft

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As the Chicago Bears currently stand, they have three picks on Friday of the NFL draft. We highlighted some of the best options for the Bears to watch and hope fall. A lot of those players seem to be a part of a couple of positions. If the Bears have a perfect day, what would those picks consist of?

3. Can the Chicago Bears find the three-technique of the future?

The big debate from last night was about Jalen Carter or Darnell Wright. The Chicago Bears had a clear choice between the two and they chose Wright. Now, we can say that a fourth-round pick made the decision easier, but that is not a valuable enough pick to change their mind, but rather just a sweetener because they knew they were going away from consensus.

It is fair to say that Carter was straight up not on the Chicago Bears board. Still, they needed his position and they needed it badly. So, now what? They have to hope that they can find a three-technique on day two.

It does not help that they have to wait for about 20 picks because they have the Ravens' selection. Still, they could see some options fall. Adetomiwa Adebawore from Northwestern was getting round-one hype, but that was too much. However, now on day two, he is in the right range. Can he fall 20 more picks? It is possible when you factor in that he is going to be moving from a defensive end in college to an interior rusher in the NFL.

Keeanu Benton is another name to watch. He played at the one-technique often at Wisconsin, but flashed upside to play more at the 3-tech in the NFL. He has a run stuffing floor with pass rushing upside. Then, there is Gervon Dexter. Dexter was inconsistent in college, but the Chicago Bears brought him in for a visit, likely to see if they can drag a little more out of him. If they can, that is an easy reason to pass on Carter.