3 positions with a starting job on the line at Chicago Bears training camp

Chicago Bears have a few position battles to be settled this summer

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Demarcus Walker, Chicago Bears
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2. What will the Chicago Bears edge rotation look like?

The Chicago Bears added Yannick Ngakoue earlier this week. Depending on how you view this signing, this either helped clear things up along the defensive line rotation, or it potentially even made things a bit muddier.

They like their group, but the question is, who emerges, and who gets to start? The easy money is betting on DeMarcus Walker to start at the defensive end across from Ngakoue. He was the first player signed, he has the most experience, and he acts like a leader of the unit.

Still, Walker was also signed because they want him to slide inside and outside. When he shifts in, what will the rotation look like?

Rasheem Green has the experience as well, but his play is up and down. Speaking of up and down, Trevis Gipson has talent, and can produce when he is a backup, but once he became a starter the attention on him grew, and his play dropped. Dominique Robinson is probably a backup as well, especially after just 1.5 sacks as a rookie.

Lastly is Terrell Lewis. Lewis may have gone from the roster bubble to a potential starter just because of the lack of starter talent on this roster. He has impressed so far, and health has been the factor holding him back with the Rams. It could honestly be any of these five, and a name could also come out of the blue. Two of these guys will start week one. We will find out who soon.