2 positive, 2 negative developments for the Chicago Bears around the NFL Sunday

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Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings, Justin Jefferson
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Positive Two: The Minnesota Vikings look beatable

While the Detroit Lions have taken control of the division, it looks like the Minnesota Vikings will be heading to Chicago to play for last place in the division. Based on where the Bears and Vikings were last season, it is easy to say the Vikings are the better team, but at the same time, the Vikings do not look nearly as good this year.

Their defense takes risks because of the change to Brian Flores, but that means it is more boom and bust because it does not have the proper personnel. For the most part, there is too much bust from their defense. They are not strong upfront, and they are getting snaps from old names like Jonathan Bullard.

Their secondary had some minor injuries against the Vikings, and Justin Jefferson left that game late as well. Jefferson may play next week, but it does not change the fact that the Vikings could be beaten. More than that, their defense is soft enough that Justin Fields has a good chance to string together three straight good games.

Could we walk away from the next couple of weeks with the realization that the Bears are at least not the worst team in the division?