2 positive, 2 negative developments for the Chicago Bears around the NFL Sunday

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Pittsburgh Steelers v Carolina Panthers, George Pickens
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Negative Two: The players the Chicago Bears passed on had big days

It is easy to check in on the rest of the NFL when the Chicago Bears are off, but it was hard not to see a lot of players making plays and wondering what if. The biggest was the Pittsburgh Steelers. With a win over the Baltimore Ravens, they now sit at 3-2. It was hard to watch that game without seeing the presence of not only George Pickens but Joey Porter Jr.

Porter Jr. had a game-changing interception to prevent a touchdown, and Pickens had the go-ahead touchdown in a monster game. The Chicago Bears drafted Kyler Gordon over George Pickens and then used the Joey Porter pick on Chase Claypool. Neither played for the Bears on Thursday. Had they taken the receiver first, they could have had the better cornerback later.

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Then, there was Jalen Carter, who looked like Aaron Donald when playing in a stadium with Donald. Carter had two sacks in an Eagles win, and the Eagles moved to 5-0. The Steelers and Eagles taking players that Bears fans wanted and watching them win games for their respective teams was not fun. At least the Bears have the Carolina Panthers pick, so we can be heartbroken by who gets taken a few picks later once again.