3 positive players amid a disaster start to the Chicago Bears season

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The start of the Chicago Bears season has been a disaster, about as bad as any fan could have thought. However, while there are not many positives to take away, some positive developments can still raise optimism for this year or the years moving ahead.

Which players have given the Bears some excitement, and who has lived up to expectations?

3. D.J. Moore is legitimately good for the Chicago Bears

The addition of D.J. Moore is now going underrated because of how overrated the move was this offseason. Fans and media saw this as the A.J. Brown addition and something that would turn Justin Fields into Jalen Hurts. They thought the offense would be unstoppable because of this addition.

That has not happened, but Moore has been everything we expected him to be. He did not get the ball much in week one, but when he did, he put up two first downs back-to-back on one of the Bears' few scoring drives. In week two, they wanted to force him the ball more, and it worked.

D.J. Moore ended up with 104 yards, and 3.06 yards per route run, and an elite rate. He has 129 yards this season, leading the team by a wide margin. Cole Kmet has 82, and Khalil Herbert has 60. The next closest wide receiver is 53 yards. DJ Moore is doubling up his teammates.

Moore has 30% of Justin Fields' passing production. This is what we thought Moore would be doing, we just thought that Darnel Mooney would be healthy and Chase Claypool would be better. We also thought Justin Fields would be better. The fact that Moore looks so good, and Fields still does not look better may be telling us what we need to know about Fields. That is disappointing, but Moore has been everything you could ask for.