3 positive takeaways from Chicago Bears loss to the Cleveland Browns

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2. The Chicago Bears have two picks in the top five 

The Chicago Bears lost, but they are still winning in the long haul. As we noted, the roster is already shaping up. The reality is that it can take a huge jump this offseason as well. Not only do the Bears have a lot of cap space, they are going to have two highly valuable picks. First, even with the Carolina Panthers winning, they hold the first overall pick. That goes a long way with three weeks to go. 

On top of that, they now hold onto the fifth overall pick. If the Chicago Bears kept winning, they were going to be outside the top ten. A win on Sunday would have put them in the 8-12 range of the draft. The Bears have the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons on deck. They may win both of them. So, they may still shoot outside the top five, but this loss will soften just how high they pick. Beyond that, it is the Bears, so you know that they are not going to win out. 

The short-term is really annoying, but when the Bears started the season 0-4, it was a quick shift to the longer-term aspirations. The Bears still have those with the loss.