3 positive takeaways from Chicago Bears loss to the Cleveland Browns

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1. This loss should ice Matt Eberflus as Chicago Bears

Let's face it: Matt Eberflus is not a good enough coach to win a Super Bowl in the NFL. He is a good coordinator, but he cannot lead the entire team. We have seen that countless times this season. However, it is a good thing that it happened in two of the Chicago Bears' last four games so that it stays fresh in the minds of ownership and Ryan Poles. 

If the Bears finished the year on a six-game winning streak and finished 9-8 and in the playoffs mix, they could not justify firing Matt Eberflus. They were staring down that possibility late in the fourth quarter on Sunday. However, Eberflus showed them just why he would not be in that spot with the loss. 

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The fact that Eberflus was hired could annoy some fans in the first place. However, holding onto him after this year would have been a disaster, no matter the record. The best thing is to move on, and the result this week suggests that will be the case at the end of the season.