3 positives Chicago Bears fans must take from this disastrous start

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2. The Chicago Bears have two picks that will be very high in the 2024 NFL draft

Most Chicago Bears fans do not want to hear this one, especially as they are just three games into a 17-game season. However, if things keep going this way, the Bears are about to have one of the most exciting offseasons in some time.

As they sit right now, they have the first overall pick and the fourth overall pick. That is because they acquired the Panthers' first-round pick in the Bryce Young trade. This is a massive win. Even more fun than that is the games on the schedule this weekend.

We just so happen to have the Panthers and Bears at home against the Vikings and Broncos, respectively. Better than that, the Panthers and Bears are underdogs to the other 0-3 teams. So, the odds are that by Monday morning, there will be two teams who are winless, and the Chicago Bears will have both of their picks.

If there were ever a year to need a quarterback and have two picks in the top five, this is the year. Of course, Chicago Bears fans see this and think that they are about to ruin another quarterback who should be viewed as bust-proof. Still, it sets up for an intriguing time, and the Bears have an easy off-ramp to change routes after Justin Fields.