4 Positives that came out of the Chicago Bears loss to the Vikings

Can you believe that there are positives that came out of the Chicago Bears loss to the Vikings in Week 6?
Chicago Bears, T.J. Edwards
Chicago Bears, T.J. Edwards / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Chicago Bears, Darrynton Evans
Chicago Bears, Darrynton Evans / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Chicago Bears Positive No. 1: Running the football

The Chicago Bears were without their starting running back and both backup running backs. Khalil Herbert was put on injured reserve and will miss another three games after this one. Roschon Johnson is in concussion protocol and will hopefully be able to return next week vs. the Raiders. Travis Homer was out with a hamstring injury. Yet, the Chicago Bears were still able to run the football.

The Vikings have an average run defense and have kept teams to under 112 yards per game on average. This ranks them 17th in the NFL. However, that ranking is going to look worse after today. In Week 6, the Chicago Bears finished with 162 rushing yards. Most of those yards came from fourth-string running back D'Onta Foreman and quarterback Justin Fields. However, even newly signed Darrynton Evans finished with 32 yards on nine carries.

The second series of the game saw some serious action, but after that, the running game didn't get going again, outside of Justin Fields, until the second half. Although a positive, it's frustrating to see when and how certain running plays were called. The execution in the running game was on point for most of the offensive linemen. You'd have to wonder if Nate Davis doesn't get hurt, would the outcome of this game have been different? The good news is, that the Bears' running game gives players, coaches, and fans something positive to hang their hats on.