4 potential changes the Chicago Bears will make against Carolina Panthers

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Khalil Herbert
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3. Who will be the Chicago Bears' leading rusher in Week 10?

The Chicago Bears placed Khalil Herbert on the IR after he suffered an ankle injury against the Commanders, which opened a four-week window for D’onta Foreman to control the Chicago Bears backfield. It helped that Roschon Johnson also missed two games during that time, but Foreman was always going to be better in between the tackles than the rookie early on. 

So far, Foreman has been everything the Chicago Bears could ask for. Since taking over, he has 60 carries for 271 yards. That seems really good until you realize that Herbert has 51 rushes for 272 yards. To be fair, Foreman has a success rate of 54%, while Herbert is at 51%. Still, it shows that while Foreman has been good, the Chicago Bears will not just sit Khalil Herbert.

Herbert not only returned to practice, he has been in full both days. The odds of him returning this week are starting to get stronger. Do the Chicago Bears go back to making Foreman inactive? That seems impossible. Do they split work between them? Is Herbert eased in this week, and does his usage this week have an indication of what the team will do moving forward? We are about to see the impact soon.