4 potential changes the Chicago Bears will make against Carolina Panthers

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Equanimeous St. Brown
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2. How will the return of Equanimeous St. Brown impact the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears saw Khalil Herbert not only get the designation to return from the IR, but they also saw him back in practice in a full capacity. The same can be said for wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown. St. Brown was placed on the IR for four weeks and appears to be ready to return after the minimal stay. The question is, how much will this impact Tyler Scott? The answer is probably great. 

Tyler Scott played 64 snaps in the first five weeks of the season, just 12.8 per game. In the four weeks that Equaineous St. Brown has been out, he played 157 snaps, 39.3 per game

Scott was ascending in his first two weeks. He averaged 0.6 yards per route run and 0.86 the following week. Unfortunately, that dropped to 0.4 against the Chargers, and last week he had zero yards. The Chicago Bears drafted Scott to replace Darnell Mooney, and with Mooney on the field, their roles were too similar. 

St. Brown stepped into more playing time because of the Chase Claypool trade. These are two similar body types, and they are being asked to block more than the Bears would want from Tyler Scott. So, once St. Brown gets back, he will be blocking on the outside. Mooney will stay in the slot, and D.J. Moore is the number one, which will push Scott back to playing 12 snaps per game.